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Frequently Asked Questions

ISPAfrika currently only offers month-to-month services.
You may upgrade or downgrade at any time, but please note that upgrade actions may attract a small upgrade fee. Downgrades within contract term will result in a penalty payable. Cancellations on the fibre line are dependent on the contract terms agreed to with ISPAfrika and requires at least one calendar months’ notice.
Yes, we will supply you with a free high quality router that can handle your new lightning fast fibre.
No. None of the Fibre or Wireless Services require a phone line. All our Fibre services include a Free VoIP Line. Cusotmers wanting to keep their current numbers can port this to ISPAfrika at a once of fee of R100.00
This depends on the fibre line provider used, some offer one or the other, synchronous or asynchronous, and some offer both options.
The installation costs differ from Fibre provider. Currently the installation pricing ranges from R1750.00 to R2300.00.
Contact us if you do not see your area listed as new areas are being added daily.

The Small Print

  • *ISPAfrika currently uses various providers for Last Mile and pricing may differ slightly depending on provider used.
  • All our packages are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy
  • *Free Install and Router only on a 24 Month Contract
  • *Free VoIP Line does not include the Handset
  • *Free VoIP Line does not include Number porting or voice minutes
  • This is a broadband residential service
  • All support is Next Business Day
  • Installation fees may vary depending on Last Mile Fibre Provider used.
  • Installation includes the first 30 meters of cabling to customer premise equipment (CPE), additional fee’s may apply thereafter
  • Upgrade and downgrade at any time

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